simplify affiliate business


LimouRATE takes cooperation with affiliates to the next level! This is how LimouRATE works:

  • Executing companies define the calculation methods, according to how they prefere to calculate their rates.
  • Based on these calculation methods, price lists are created which can be assigned to customers.
  • All price lists are stored on a central server, which can be accessed at any time and in various ways via the Internet.

The result: partner prices at any time with just one click!

Farming out

You need an affiliate rate:

  • Instantly / automatically
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Correct
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Fast and comfortable amendment handling
  • Automized calculation of sales prices based on the individual supplier rates.

No waste of time due to long and incalculable response times for enquiries by phone or email.

Invite your suppliers to create a free LimouRATE account and supply their individual price list for you.

LimouRATE ist the solution!

Farming in

Responding rate enquiries means:

  • A great and expensive deal of time
  • An operator has to be available all the time
  • A clear calculation process is needed.
    Same service -> same rate
  • The response must be immediate.
    Clients consider only the fastest responses.

No waste of time by responding enquiries that are not accepted!

Store your individual rates at the central LimouRATE server and share price lists with your clients and affiliates.
All price changes need only be made in one place and are immediately valid for all customers.

LimouRATE ist the solution!

Fully connected

Storing the prices on the central LimouRATE server has decisive advantages:

  • One central point for all types of price calculation
  • Connectable with all 2S applications (LimouERP, LimouSOLUTION, LimouWEB).
  • Integrated in GNet and therefore connected to the leading US based reservation systems.
  • Via a free API connectable to external applications, booking system etc.