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LimouCONNECT is the future of networking

Currently booking data is transmitted between the individual limo oprators by telephone or e-mail. This data has to be transferred manually or by copy & paste into the respective system for processing bookings.

This costs a lot of time and causes unnecessary errors!

Some systems (mostly of American origin) make it possible to transfer order data within the system mong the users.
From the market we receive the feedback that these US systems are only very limited usable for the European markets. The storage of sensitive customer data on servers in the USA is also viewed very critically by many clients.
These are probably the reasons why there is still no system that is widespread throughout Europe and bridges the gap between the large US providers, agencies, airlines and GDCs and the local executing companies of different sizes.
In fact, there is still no continuous chain for the electronic processing of bookings.

The LimouCONNECT project realizes exactly this idea of a continuous electronic process from the one-time initial collection of order data to the execution and feedback of booking data (driver and vehicle data, current order status in real time) to all parties involved.

1. Current status:
As of today LimouERP is the leading software for chauffeur and limousine service in Germany. With the three major players in the German market (QLimo, Interline, United Limousines) and other powerful providers that do not belong to any of the large networks, the users of LimouERP cover a significant market share in this industry.
These companies are already able to transmit order data electronically among themselves.
With LimouCONNECT this does not only mean the one-time transfer of initial data, but also the transmission of changes and the return of driver and vehicle data as well as the transmission of status notifications (En Route, ONLOC, POB, PDROP).

The experience shows that LimouERP users prefer other users of this software when commissioning suppliers, as the electronic transmission of order data saves both parties a lot of time.
In the competition for orders of the large international market participants, this technology creates a significant competitive advantage.

Costs are only incurred for use in the amount of 1.00 € per booking transferred via LimouCONNECT. Brokers, GDCs, airlines etc. can already cover the locations Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Cologne / Bonn / Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Vienna and Zurich particularly comfortably and reliably via a single interface.
The same applies to the GRiDD affiliated companies in the USA. Further information about GRiDD can be found here:

Furthermore, the connection of LimouCONNECT to other relevant market participants and brokers will be successively advanced.

2. A European network
At present, a Europe-wide network of high-performance limousine services is being created in the German-speaking countries, modelled on the network described under 1, which is based on a common technology.
The Europe-wide distribution will further increase the attractiveness of this network for the major players in the market and generate a clear competitive advantage for all at LimouERP users.
At the beginning of 2020 LimouERP is used in seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland).

3. Using the technology of tomorrow today
Innovations that save time and money and reduce sources of error will become the industry standard over time.
The greatest benefit from these innovations is achieved by those companies that integrate them into their work processes at an early stage and thus generate a competitive advantage.