LimouERP is the premium solution for ambitious limo companies.

A large variety of modules supplemented by individual cutomizing enables a tailor-made solution for companies with highest demands.

LimouSOLUTION 2.0 is the optimal solution for mid-sized companies.

Business processes are digitized, faster, more efficient and more secure. Customer service is optimized.

LimouWEB is the easy-to-use and mobile solution for smaller operators with the need for a mobile application.

2S is the leading European software supplier for Europe based limo companies.
The 2S reservation systems are:

Currently more than 50 limo operators in six European countries are using a solution from 2S.


Connecting the industry!

2S is connecting limo operators, clients, booking portals, agencies, incomimg companies etc..

The digital transfer of order data between the parties involved is a quantum leap in terms of increased efficiency and error prevention.

Cutting edge technology


Webbased data access at any time and at any place!


Optimized for data access at any device with any operating system

Desktop application

Fastest and most comfortable tool for daily backoffice work

Mobile Apps

Comfortable and competitive tools for bookers and drivers

Simplyfying affililate business!

-> Sharing rates with affiliates digitally
-> Getting supplier rates with one click

Farming out

Price lists based on own calculation methods are stored on a central server and are available to authorized affiliates for digital retrieval.

Farming in

Getting supplier rates electronically with one click at any time and always up to date.

Internationally connected

LimouRATE is integrated at GNet, the platform that is connecting the leading reservation systems worldwide.

Rate requests can be send directly through the systems.

Via an open API LimouRATE can be connected to booking portals, agencies, booking apps etc.